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NDFS 375 lab
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Week 2 - Thai Coconut Soup
Thai Coconut Soup
1 cup   Chopped Yellow Onions
2 tsp   Minced Garlic
2 tsp   Minced Ginger
1/4   Yellow Bell Pepper
1/2   Red Bell Pepper
1/2 cup   Matchstick Carrots
1 1/2 cups   Green Beans
2 cups   Water
2 tsp   Chicken Soup Base
1 tsp   Chili Powder
1 1/2 tsp   Curry Powder
3/4 tsp   Black Pepper
1 tsp   Salt
6 oz   Cooked, Cubed Chicken
3 1/2 cups (2 cans)   Light Coconut Milk
5 tsp   Red Curry Paste
2 Tbsp   Olive Oil
1. Heat the olive oil in a soup pot and sautee the onions and garlic. Once the onions are tender, add the minced ginger.

2. Cut the bell peppers into thin strips, then cut each strip into 3 pieces. Cut the green beans into bite-size pieces

3. Add the bell peppers, green beans, and carrots to the pot.

4. Mix the water and soup base until dissolved, then add to the pot.

5. Add the chili powder, curry powder, black pepper, and salt.

6. Add the cooked chicken.

7. Stir well and bring the pot to a boil, and cook the vegetables 5-7 minutes or until tender.

8. Stir the coconut milk and red curry paste in a separate bowl, removing any lumps. Add to the soup and mix well.

9. Allow the soup to simmer until it’s all hot.

10. Enjoy! Serves 5.