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Pendulum Court Café  
the pendulum court café
NDFS 375 lab
Located in the ESC
Week 4 - Zuppa Tuscana
Zuppa Tuscana
½ lb Italian sausage
4 slices bacon
1 lb Baker potatoes
½ c chopped onion
1 ½ tsp minced garlic
2 cups chicken broth
2 cups water
½ tsp red pepper flakes
Pinch salt
Pinch black pepper
½ bunch kale
½ cup Heavy cream

Fry sausage over medium heat until cooked. Cook bacon as well and drain the fat. Crumble cooked bacon. Rinse potatoes and make sure they’re really clean. You don’t need to peel them. Slice them to about 1/4 inch thick slices. You may need to cut large potato pieces in half. Combine potatoes, chopped onion, garlic, chicken broth, and water into a pot. Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes or until potatoes are cooked. Add sausage, bacon, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Simmer for another 10 minutes and stir occasionally. While simmering, wash kale and remove the stems. Add kale and whipping cream to soup and heat on low for 5 minutes or until cream is heated through. Serves 4-5.